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Why Gleneagle Estate

  1. This Estate is close to all major access routes to Pretoria, Johannesburg and the O.R. Thambo Airport.
  2. Close to all amenities, as schools, shopping centers and hospitals. Basically situated in town but still experienced as farmland.
  3. The soil conditions are of such a nature that foundations do not have to be dug very deep with the process of backfilling and compacting deemed unnecessary. The rocky soil conditions have the advantage that boxing of the foundation over rock is not time consuming and strengthens the foundation overall.
  4. The altitude at which Gleneagle Estate is situated has the advantage that the smog factor, smog settling in the low laying areas, does not affect the Estate.

More about the Developer and Development

Gleneagle Estate is being developed by Trans Acht (Edms) Bpk., a family owned company belonging to the Erasmus Family.  The farm Witfontein 15 IR has been in the family since the early 1800’s. 

The most southern part of the farm is directly adjoining the existing Kempton Park residential areas.

The need for further expansion of Kempton Park became a reality in the 1990’s.  At that stage the developments started with a relatively small townhouse development, namely Chardonnay. 

The development of Glen Erasmia Boulevard (Glen Erasmia Extentions 1 to 7) followed in 1997 with completion in 2003.  The Boulevard is the main attraction in this Estate.  Glen Erasmia Boulevard is now a well established, sought after Estate on the East Rand with house prizes averaging at R2.4 million and reaching up to R6 million.

As a result of the success with these developments Gleneagle Estate took flight.  With extensive parks and pedestrian passages amongst houses the residents will enjoy the freedom of a carefree outdoor lifestyle within a secure environment.

The Club House

The main attraction of the Estate, however, will be the clubhouse.  Its unique design makes it irresistible to visit and once you’ve experienced the atmosphere you will be hooked.  The restaurant cum coffee shop will entice you with a selection of superb meals and refreshments or you can book the conference facilities for group related events.

Entrance Gates

Flanking the Estate on both sides are the two entrance gates (one on Monument Street and one on Mulder Street).  You will be excused for confusing it with a giant eagle – all part of the exclusive design.   Meandering along the aesthetically pleasing streets and landscaped parks you will find the complete layout resembling an eagle in flight.  This is no coincidence but the clever handiwork of Elizabeth Botha, a member of the Erasmus family and designer par excellence.

Other facilities and amenities

Gleneagle Estate is only the next stage of a bigger Development on the Erasmus Farm.  The continued involvement of the family will ensure that the same quality of design and standard of living will be maintained not only for this generation but also for generations to come.

Adding further value to your investment is the proposed development of shopping facilities, offices, restaurants, churches, a school and sport facilities to the west of Gleneagle Estate.

Security and Communication Systems

Gleneagle Estate’s state of the art security and communication systems will also benefit not only the residents of the Estate but also the area as a whole.


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